Escalà, the new project we are working on as a proposal for the Solar Decathlon Europe 2021, is based on the Valencian neighbourhood of El Cabanyal. Our goal is to make El Cabanyal and Valencia a reference point for innovation and progress throughout the world, developing the most efficient and sustainable housing in Europe.

    Due to previous urban planning approaches, the neighbourhood suffered a period of degradation and has many vacant lots. For this reason, we decided to develop a standardised and scalable sustainable housing solution that could be adapted to all the plots in the neighbourhood, respecting the identity and tradition of El Cabanyal.”

Tradition and innovation

For the Azalea UPV team it is essential to create a solution mixing tradition and innovation that enhances the value of our culture and that manages to be a reference for progress throughout the world.


    Our scalable solution is possible thanks to the neighbourhood's characteristic subdivision, a unique urban fabric that has been maintained for more than 500 years and comes from the old barracas that shaped El Cabanyal. Among these, the Escalà was respected, a distance aimed at preserving the roofs of the barracas and which has marked the evolution of the neighbourhood, also giving its name to our project.