Valencian Barraca

Choice of the barraca and framework on valencian culture

Since the beginning we wanted to protect our land, we wanted to make a project reconciling us to our history. To do this, we decided on giving the Barraca a second life , the traditional Valencian dwelling and a key icon of Valencia. Our proposal is focused on adapting this traditional dwelling to nowaday’s life, basing each change on a deep respect for the original construction, maintaining the characteristic shape of the barraca. Only by considering our roots and origins, we can look into the future where change is possible.

Valencian Barraca

Walls composition and cork collection campaign

Due to the nature of the contest, where the house needs to be moved, Azalea is designed as a modular dwelling. All the 40 modules that conform land every module, top and façade modules, are filled in with natural and recycled cork, due to its thermal and acoustic insulating properties. Thanks to the #SaveYourWineCork campaign we collect wine corks from the Azalea Community, restaurants and events, those wine corks were easily chop in order to fill in every module of the house.

Valencian Barraca

Motorized windows and generation of ventilation current

Motorized windows located on the east and west façades of the house are open automatically when current air is needed, this allows to control either temperature and air quality inside of the house. Thanks to the automated control, both windows are opened at the same time guaranteeing current air flows.

Valencian Barraca

Facilities furniture Kitchen

Azalea is divided in two main areas on the inside of the house, one of them is the service strip, where kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or installations which cross the entire house are located. The kitchen has collapsible doors which enable to open or close it, transforming the second main area of the house, the polivalent zone, either in a home or in a office, for example, depending of the needs of the inhabitants of the house.

Valencian Barraca

Facilities furniture

Azalea has a facilities furniture which cross the house from east to west. This area includes a storage space for occasional use items and allow installations to cross the entire house. Either electric and electronic installations are placed here to control every part of the house. Also climate control is located on the top, ensuring the perfect ventilation to every room of the house.

Valencian Barraca

MPCM Furniture

MPCM, microencapsulated phase change material, is one of the passive cooling system of the house. This material has been mixed with concrete and placed in a wooden structure in order to create furniture situated on the south area of the house, where the most solar radiation is located. Through the change of phase of the MPCM it absorbs heat and leaves it when necessary.

Valencian Barraca

Natural and artificial lighting

Azalea has two huge windows located on the south façade, where the most part of the solar light reaches the house. Due to those windows and the motorized slats, the amount of solar light that enters the house is controlled. Used as a support for cloudy days and nights, the house has been liten with artificial energy-efficient light sources strategically located, achieving the perfect lighting with the least amount of artificial lighting.

Valencian Barraca

Green filter system

On the building west porch, there is a green filter system, a mechanical and biological system, composed by sand and gravel with different thickness. It has also plants which helps to filter the grey waters, like the ones coming from the bathroom or the washing machine. In addition this water can be reused for watering the plants outside the house

Valencian Barraca

Light Organic Polymer LOP

The top and the exterior façade on North and South are covered with a light organic polymer (LOP), it simulates reeds which remembers the materials used in the traditional Valencian Barraca. LOP is fabricated with natural and synthetic recycled fibers. This gives the house resistance and lightness at the same time.

Valencian Barraca

Valencian Orchard

Azalea is designed for it construction in big areas with vegetation such as the Valencian Orchard. The interior of the building is filled with autochthonous Valencia plants form the season which can provide fresh food all around the year.

Valencian Barraca

Glass Reinforced Concrete exterior floor

Exterior flooring is made out of glass reinforced concrete (GRC), reducing either thickness and our carbon footprint, and also minimizing the weight the structure has to withstand. Those pieces of GRC are easily modeled and through a design of different modules can be simply adapted to any surface.

Valencian Barraca

Double skin and motorized slats

Azalea has a south oriented space, called double skin, that thanks to motorized slats is easily openable to the exterior. Slats are automatically orientated during the day depending on sun position, allowing the entrance of natural light and decreasing interior sun radiation.

Valencian Barraca

Hydroponics system

Inside the double skin there is a green wall installed on the west and east façade. This interior cultivation system provides a way of harvesting during the hole year. An automatic watering system reduce the water usage, giving the necessary nutrients for each crop